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  Activities of Directorate

 Revision of Record of Rights (popularly known as Khatian) – All lands belonging to a person in a Mauza are recorded in a sheet/s of paper along with the noting of revenue payable against the land, use of land and other interests on the land like barga, easement, etc., - this is called the Record of Right or one-man one-Khatian of a person in respect of a Mauza.) and Mauza Maps, Mutation of Names of landowners on the Records of Right and Recording of Names of Bargadar.

 Detection & Determination of Ceiling Surplus Land, Vesting (including Vesting of ceiling surplus land held by the Tea Gardens, Mills and Factories) and Distribution of Vested Agricultural Lands.

 Assessment of the amount of money to be paid in Compensation of the Vested Lands to the concerned parties.

 Assessment & Collection of Land Revenue.

 Collection of cess and royalty on Major minor Minerals.

 Administrative Functions – DLR&S, WB is the administrative head of the Land Records Directorate who exercises control and superintends the Officers and Staff subordinate to him throughout the State. This power is to some extent delegated to the DLLROs at the district level. One most important Administrative function of DLR&S, WB is judicious in nature – he is the appellate authority in some matters related to employees under his control.

 Research & Training – One research institute styled as Analysis, Research and Training Institute at Shalbani, Paschim Medinipur was established by Land & Land Reforms Department, Government of West Bengal in 1991. DLR&S and Jt. LRC, West Bengal is also the Director of the Institute and it runs under his superintendence and control. Another Land Management Training Institute (LMTC) at Berhampur, Murshidabad also runs the training programs. New recruits in the WBSLRS Grade-I, WBCS (Ex), IAS/IPS, members of the Judicial Service, etc. are given both practical and theoretical training on land records and surveys.

 Survey, Preparation of Cadastral maps and records and updation of maps and records.

 Settlement of Agri land to the landless people or land poor people.

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