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DIRECTORATE OF LAND RECORDS & SURVEYS, West Bengal has a sustained effort to strengthen the Revenue Administration and to implement Land Reforms in West Bengal. The year 1884 gave birth to a Directorate of Land Records & Agriculture. The objective was to trace the history of agriculture and statistical enquiry of the Province of Bengal from the time of the Permanent Settlement. Since then the Directorate has undergone many transformations. To delineate such an eventful transformation might be a novel subject for a competent historian, but our job is to cover the purposes for which this Directorate was created under Mr. M. Finucane, ICS, as its first Director. In the year 1905, agriculture was disassociated from this Directorate thus giving rise to a unique and consolidated status of the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys.
This Directorate has been entrusted with preparation of land records and village (mouza) maps, cadastral survey, vesting and settlement of ceiling surplus land, management of minor minerals, management of properties with sairati interests, compensation against vested lands and various other works related to Land Reforms Administration in West Bengal.

Address of DLRS, West Bengal:

Survey Building

35 Gopal Nagar Road, Alipore

West Bengal, Kolkata – 700 035

Ph No:(033) 2479 5726/5727/7355/5991

Fax No:(033) 2479 8804

Email :,

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