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  Introduction to L & LR Department

    West Bengal is the leader in land reforms in the country. The State has distributed 23% of the whole land distributed in the country and to 53% of the beneficiaries vis-a-vis in all other States. West Bengal has recorded more than 15 lakh Bargadars /Share croppers, which has not been done anywhere else in the country, and has distributed homestead land to more than 5.6 lakh beneficiaries. There are more than 30 lakh patta holders in the State.
    The Department of a Land & Land Reforms implements measures of land reforms. Therefore it is essential to upgrade its capabilities for implementation of land reforms in the interest of the landless, marginal and small farmers.
    Most of the population in the villages hold land. Therefore land is very important and dear to the villagers, who constitute 70% of the population of West Bengal. The total land in the State is 86,87,540 hectares, out of which the net cultivated area is 54,63,678 hectares. This land, which is about 63% of the total area, is held by 4.30 crore land holders/raiyats.
    It is needless to say, in the above perspective, that the Department of Land and Land Reforms is one of the major departments of the State having extensive citizen interface. The Department of Land and Land Reforms (herein after referred to as L & L.R. Department or Department) plays a crucial role in West Bengal in terms of administration & management of Land Records Information. The department not only provides services to the citizens & industries but also interacts with other government departments. The department is one of the major revenue earning Government departments in the State.
    The department has a far reaching interface with the citizens, businesses and other Government/public sector departments in the State and interacts with these stakeholders on a day-to-day basis. The land records data administered by the department is voluminous and it increases on a daily basis. For instance, the department maintains land related information of 42,042 mouzas and approximately 4.30 crore Khatians across the State. Management of such voluminous information, which is growing exponentially over the years, in manual systems, impacts the ability of the department in discharging its services to the stakeholders in an effective & efficient manner. Towards addressing the current issues in manual operations and with an objective to modernize its internal administration and service delivery, the department is focusing on adoption of Global Best Practices in land records management, usage of Technology, upgrading the human capacities through development of internal skill sets, etc. This agenda of the department has been clearly underpinned by a sustained commitment to modernization and change throughout its service deliver. The department also wishes to adopt multi-channel service delivery model for providing convenient services to the stakeholders.
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