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Procedures For Collection of Certified Copies of Mauza Maps and Sale of Mauza Maps of WB

  1. No mauza map is sold from the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys, West Bengal.
  2. Cadastral Survey (C.S.) & Revisional Survey (R.S.) mauza maps are sold from the concerned Office of the District Magistrate if stock is available.
  3. One may contact the concerned Block Land & Land Reforms Office for collection of LR Map (one may purchase the same if the Finally Published mauza map is printed).
  4. If the Record Room of the concerned District Magistrate does not have any stock of a C. S. or R. S. mauza map then one may apply for a Certified Copy of the suit plot along with some adjacent plots of land in the Office of the District Land & Land Reforms Officer of the concerned district.
  5. Certified copies of portions of C. S. mauza map and C.S & R.S mauza maps of areas falling in Howrah & Garden Reach Municipalities and the Holding Register of the said municipal areas may be collected from the West Bengal Drawing Office Record Room at the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys, West Bengal on application if the same record is available.

How to Apply?

  1. Application must be on DEMI Paper affixing court fee of Rs 1.50(One Rupee & Fifty Paisa) only clearly mentioning the suit plot number along with plot numbers of adjacent plots whose certified copy of the map is required.
  2. The following information must be given in the application for certified copy of mauza maps:
    1. CSJL Number
    2. CS Plot Number
    3. Sheet Number
    4. Applicant’s Name and Address
    No certified copy will be issued if there is any wrong information regarding the above.No certified copy will be issued if there is any wrong information regarding the above.
  3. The Deputy Director of Surveys, West Bengal will scrutinize the application and will consider if certified copy of the portion of the mauza map can be given or not. If possible, the cost for preparing the certified copy of the portion of mauza map will be let known to the applicant. The applicant shall have to submit the amount of money through T.R. 7 Challan in the State Bank of India Treasury Branch, in Alipore Court premises. The receipt of the submitted T.R. 7 Challan shall have to be submitted to this Office along with a court fee of Rs 0.5(Fifty Paisa) only.
  4. If the applicant faces difficulty in getting the certified copy of portions of mauza map or of the holding register or has any allegation against any employee of this Office he or she may register the allegation to the Deputy Director of Surveys, WB or the AD of Surveys, West Bengal at the Directorate of land Records & Surveys, WB.
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