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Computerization of Revised Records
  • Effort for Computerization of Land Records was started in West Bengal from 1986-’87, with the active participation of the National Informatics Centre, West Bengal State Unit. The first version of the Land Records computerization software, named “BHUMI” was developed by the NIC, West Bengal State Unit in 1989, which has been continuously upgraded till date. There has been number of upgraded versions of the “BHUMI” so far in West Bengal with the most recent version being WINDOWS based “BHUCHITRA”. The application “BHUCHITRA” integrates the text legacy data with the digitized spatial data of the cadastral mouza maps.
  • Government of West Bengal decided to computerize revised records framed in consistent with the land reforms measures adopted in the State. Computerization of all available revised records is complete.
  • Only two thousand (2000) mouza records out of total 42042 mouzas in the state could not be revised for various reasons. These mouza records are being scanned.
  • 95% of the 367 lakhs records i.e., 349 lakhs individual records have been fed into the computer. The total quantum of data creation amounts to 85 GB.
  • Thus, West Bengal achieved an unique feat by computerizing (100%) all latest revised records as compared to other States who computerized records framed during fifties and sixties.

Digitization of Cadastral Mouza Maps
      Digitization of Cadastral mouza maps has been in process and its integration with ROR data has been made available within the application BHUCHITRA. The digitization of mouza map sheets has been followed considering different layers (point, line & area) and inclusion of various non-map features such as legends, label of the map for its identification, bata plot information, the authentication seal of authority and other geographic features (alamaths)/conventional signs and integration of bengali scripts.           Digitization Methodolgy in W.B

On-line Mutation and Data Updation
      Any change in the database due to transfer of Title, change in the land use pattern, acquisition of land is being made on line.This has been possible due to operationalization of all 341 blocks matched by development of suitable programme by NIC, WBSU. This on-line mutation enormously benefited general public as long waiting queue vanished.

Window service for Certified Copies of Record of Rights with Map
      Due to operationalisation of all blocks in the state, computerized Certified Copies of Records along with plot maps(s) are being provided from BL&LRO offices. Manual copy of ROR has been made legally invalid. In many places, a person gets his copy on the same date. Pending of petitions for a long time is a matter of past. People are now free from delay and harassment.

Sample copy of:    R.O.R    Plot Information Copy    Plot Map
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