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Computerization of Land Acquisition
     To create a transparent and speedy disposal of Land Acquisition Cases in the state of West Bengal, the application software “BHU-ADHIGRAHAN” has been designed and developed by NIC, West Bengal State Centre which minimizes the hectic manual tasks and supports to execute relevant queries and generates a large number of MIS reports. The application reuses the existing BL&LRO legacy data that saves a considerable amount of time to feed the case data.

  • Proposal Receiving & PIR Generation.
  • Pre-checking the Proposal for administrative approval.
  • Prepare Data for LR dept. & Import of LR data.
  • Building a Plan of Execution of a Proposal: Case, Plot, Owner Entry.
  • Notification under 4(1).
  • Objection Hearing under section 5A and Order generation.
  • Declaration under section 6 and order under section 7.
  • Entry of physical observation of possession status and assets in respect of Tree, Structures & Damages.
  • Declaration under section 9 [Form 8 & Form 9]
  • Hearing for Consent Award.
  • Calculation Sheet Generation through Form 12.
  • Generation of Approval of Award [Form 13, Form 13A].
  • Payment Notice Generation [Form 14].
  • Form 20 & Form 20A generation.
  • Cheque Clearance voucher (CC voucher) generation.
  • Possession Certificate (Form 21) Generation.
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