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  Land Reforms Tenancy Tribunal

The West Bengal Land Reforms & Tenancy Tribunal Act of 1997 provided the way for setting up of a Land Reforms Tenancy Tribunal in pursuance of Article 323B of the Indian Constitution. This Tribunal adjudicates and trials those disputes, claims, objections and applications relating to , or arising out of, land reforms or tenancy in land and other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto except a Division Bench of the High Court exercising writ jurisdiction under Articles 226 and 227 of the Indian Constitution and the Supreme Court of India.
The LRTT was actually set up for providing quick, simple and low cost legal remedies in respect of grievances of Raiyats. More than 3 lakh acres of Vested land were involved in pending civil cases in the High Court at Kolkata, West Bengal and the other lower courts in West Bengal. This created a stumbling block regarding distribution of vested ceiling surplus land. The West Bengal Land Reforms & Tenancy Tribunal Act of 1997 extends to the whole of West Bengal.

The West Bengal Land Reforms and Tenancy Tribunal (WBLRTT) consist of four benches namely, the 1st Bench, the 2nd Bench, the 3rd Bench and the 4th Bench. The contact number of the tribunal is (033) 23589345.

There are four Government Representatives (GRs) posted in the tribunal for protecting the government interest.

     1. Sri Pranab Dutta, SRO-I

     2. Sri Goutam Kumar Santra, SRO-II

     3. Sri Koushik Mukherjee, SRO-II

     4. Sri Asis Kumar Gupta, SRO-II

Address of LRTT, West Bengal:

2nd Floor, Sector-II, EE Block,

Salt Lake City

Kolkata-700091, West Bengal, India.

Telephone Number: (033)-23599705

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