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  Vesting of Ceiling Surplus Land and distribution of the Vested land

       As per provision of W.B.E.A. Act, 53 no raiyat can hold land beyond the ceiling limit while as per W.B.L.R. Act, 55 ceiling is imposed upon the family - unit of the Raiyat. A raiyat’s family consisting of single member can hold land upto 2.50 standard Hectare, a raiyat’s family consisting of 2 –5 members can hold 5.00 standard hectare of land. For more than 5 members , 0.50 standard hectare per member is allowed with a maximum limit of 7.00 standard hectare per family. [ 1 standard Hectare = 1 hectare in case of irrigated land & 1.40 hectare in case of non-irrigated land as well as other land] The ceiling surplus lands are to be vested to the State by drawing up proceeding as per provision of law. As per provision of Section 49 of W.B.L.R. Act, 55, the Vested Agricultural lands are distributed to the landless cultivators who along with their family members hold no land or hold below 1 acre of land for agricultural purpose. On receipt of application from the cultivators, Ban-O-Bhumi-Sanskar–Sthayee Samity of the concerned Panchayet Samity ascertains the eligibility of the cultivators after the field survey, takes resolution for distribution. The B.L.& L.R.O. concerned with due approval of the appropriate authority prepares pattas and distributes them to the eligible allottees of patta. Patta right is hereditary and not transferable excepting some conditions as let down in Sec 49(1A). The name of the pattadar is featured in the R.O.R. on application from him. At present recording of the name of pattadar in the R.O.R. is being made and copy of the R.O.R. is also being handed over to the Pattadar at the time of patta distribution.

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