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Need for Digitization of Cadastral Maps

The Mauza Maps and Land Records in West Bengal have been revised and updated by two periodical Revisional Survey & Settlement Operations so far in the last sixty years after the District Settlement. But the system of periodical settlement has now been discontinued and the finally published mauza maps and land records under the WBLR Act, will be continuously updated at the Revenue Inspectors’ office at the Gram Panchayat level. To implement this, computerization of land records and maps was found to be essential. The custom-made software for the computerization of land records was developed by the National Informatics Centre, West Bengal Unit.But computerization of land records cannot be comprehensive if related maps are also not computerized simultaneously.

Accuracy Factor

The Mauza Maps in its entirety needs to be accurate dimensionally in its digitized form like a contact print. If the whole map is accurate in its digitized form then any part of the digitized map should also be accurate, following the survey accuracy principle of “From whole to Part”. The accuracy required is 0.25mm over 1 meter (1000mm) ie, 0.025%.

Areas of Computerization

  • Digitization & Error Checking of Cadastral Maps.
  • Composition of Cadastral Maps.
  • GIS of Cadastral Maps.
  • Azimuth Computation.
  • Traverse Computation.
  • Plotting of Cadastral Map in P-70 sheets from the Control Points derived from the Traverse Computations.
  • Jurisdiction List Information of all Police Stations of the State.
  • Up to date Position of Staff Strength & Service Records of all staff of WBDO & WBTP.

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